Water Cuttings 


By Anat Michaelis-Levy and Gabrielle Neuhaus.

An intervention in Eran Ehrlich's installation The Black Sea Project, Nahshon Gallery, Israel, November 2004.

Israeli visual artist Eran Ehrlich's threefold installation The Black Sea Project, was initiated in November 2004 with The Son, continued in February 2006 with El Um (The Mother), and concluded in in 2008 with The Nought.

For The Son, Ehrlich invited four performance artists' teams to create a piece in the installation's space, each of them giving a different interpretation of it.

Michaelis-Levy, visual artist, and Neuhaus, dancer-performer, created a piece whose atmosphere recalls the Japanese Haiku poems.

Neuhaus, wearing a pale blue shiny evening dress and a train of delicate ink drawings, entered the flooded space of the gallery, and crossed the black water gently and carefully, cutting it with a pair of scissors.
Step by step, snip after snip, an imaginary line was pinned to her body