Gabrielle Neuhaus is a dancer, actor and performance artist born in Switzerland and living in Tel Aviv since 1991.

She has studied dance at the Ballet Contemporain de Bruxelles and at the Central School of Ballet in London, theatre at the Bikurei Hayitim Centre in Tel Aviv and linguistics and literature at Tel Aviv University. She has studied the Feldenkrais Method and is a certified Ilan Lev movement therapist.

She has performed with the Ballet Contemporain de Bruxelles, the Dance and Theatre Corporation (London), Imminent Dancers (London) and was a founding member of Dance Unlimited (London). She danced with the Ballet Contemporain Suisse (Geneva), Objets-Fax (Paris), Zurich Tanz Theater (Zurich), Cathy Sharp Company (Basle).

Since 1995 she has been creating multi-disciplinary performances and happenings with artists of various fields for conventional and non-conventional spaces in Israel, including theaters, music halls, art galeries, industrial and outdoor venues. Her film Right Now I Had a Feeling (2008) in collaboration with visual artist Anat Michaelis Levy, was screened in Israel and abroad. She has created works for the visual theater festival Clipa Aduma (2009, 2010, 2012 and 2014), for Intimadance Festival (2012 and 2013) and A-Genre Festival (2014) in Tel Aviv. Since 2013, she tours internationally with her one woman shows The Woman Who Didn't Want to Come Down to Earth and Barcode, and with Lavash, a co-production with Mihr Theatre from Armenia. Since 2011, she is taking part in the productions of Clipa Theater in Tel Aviv .

She has been granted a fellowship by the Bogliasco Foundation in New York. The residency took place in March-April 2016 at the Bogliasco Study Center, in Italy.

She teaches various forms of dance and theater to amateurs and professionals and works also as a movement therapist.