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Concrete Walls
By Gabrielle Neuhaus - creation, video and performance
Anat Michaelis-Levy - creation, drawings and sketches

Concrete Walls deals with a distant character, whose inner world is externalized and amplified using plastic elements such as a trampoline and a pair of tweezers.

The character's encounter with these elements, as wall as sketches of butterflies, awakens reflections, memories and feeling within her that makes her go back and forth in the continuum of time, expressed through her ever-condensing movements, until they stop without an echo.

The performance has no beginning and it's start is apparent only in hindsight.
The character, played by Gabrielle Neuhaus, appears in different places and times in and outside the theater's space, showing and disappearing among the crowd.

During these "revelations" the somewhat distant and mysterious character mumbles in a foreign language about the events to come in the performance.

When the character arrives to the scene of the performance, the encounter with the trampoline and tweezers reveals to the audience the inner, fragile world of the character who was up until now sealed to them.


During the performance black ink sketches of butterflies are alternatively projected on the space's walls.
The butterflies appear as squashed, as to reflect to character's mood.

The performance is a unique step, combining theater, dance, music and plastic arts in a series of actions, some of which are site-specific or directed in advance.
It is characteristic of the matchless dialogue between Gabrielle Neuhaus and Anat Michaelis-Levy during their years of working together.
This discourse benefits the re-examination of these art fields and simultaneously enhances the dynamics within them.

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