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Silence by Anat Michaelis-Levy and Gabrielle Neuhaus.

A piece combining visual art, dance, voice and speech. Premiered at Amy Steinitz Gallery, Tel Aviv,1999.


Thousands of paper cards, printed with selected texts from T. Mann, P. Handke, P. Süsskind and S. Beckett, chosen by Michaelis-Levy

and reflecting passion, anxiety and obsession, were sewn together by Neuhaus with red thread and exhibited on the walls.


The monotonous, rhythmic, nervous and obsessive sewing charged the atmosphere in the room and among the audience.

Numerous round glass bottles, noisily clanked against each other, trembling with the vibrations of the machine and threatened to fall.


"Consuming internal voices, innumerable lines of thought crossing at one particular instant and moments that came close to the edge."
(Excerpt from the performance's leaflet).

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