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Gabrielle Neuhaus Physical Theatre and MIHR Theatre


The performance is dedicated to the 100 year commemoration of the Armenian Genocide. It is based on the Armenian national bread called “lavash” and its preparation. Genocide has left a large dark spot in the history of Armenians and Jews. Culture in all its forms is the foundation of the nation, and the preparation of bread contains the secret of life and survival.

Staged by Gabrielle Neuhaus and Tsolak MLKE-Galstyan. Music by Tiezerk Band


Gabrielle Neuhaus Physical Theatre - Israel: Gabrielle Neuhaus, Kazuyo Shionoiri.

MIHR Theater - Armenia: Tsolak MLKE-Galstyan, Shoghakat MLKE- Galstyan, Petros Ghazanchyan. Tiezerk Band: Lusine MLKE- Galstyan, Astghik Mamikonyan,Eliza Baghdiyan.

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