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Up and Down and Away With It


Visual theatre with deviant domestic items


A second trilogy by Gabrielle Neuhaus dealing with secrets and lies, memory, fantasies and love in the kitchen.

Three short pieces about a crumbling closet, very sharp knitting needles and a pulsating food processor.


The piece takes place in a white room.


The Closet is a journey across time and space, connecting Neuhaus’ personal roots with the here and now. "What would my Swiss ancestor Colonel François-Emile, the so-called butcher of Sumatra, say, if he came to the West Bank?"


Time to Knit threads its way through life, stitch after stitch.


The Processor is an intimate culinary demonstration where food and love are blended into a deliciously colorful and explosive dish.


Premiere at Clipa Theatre, Tel Aviv

Creator and performer: Gabrielle Neuhaus
Artistic advisors: Idit Herman, Eran Ehrlich, Rina Badash

Lighting designer: Yanir Liberman

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