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Good Night Hillel

A collaboration with Oded Zadok.

An adventurous journey into a child's imagination through dance, puppets, objects and original music.

Hillel doesn't want to go to sleep and explains to his mother that things appear different in the dark. She tells him that his imagination is playing tricks on him and suggests that he counts sheep. But when Hillel hugs his Teddy Bear, everything changes suddenly: the bear comes to life, the bed turns into a boat, the carpet becomes the sea and the two of them find themselves in an adventurous journey.

On that trip, Hillel understands how to overcome his fears while following his imagination.


The show premiered at the Haifa International Children’s Theater Festival 2016 and is about to participate in the 2016 Dance Festival for Children and Youth at MASH - Mahol Shalem in Jerusalem.

Ages 3-8.


Created and performed by Oded Zadok and Gabrielle Neuhaus. Original music: Johnny Tal. Based on a story by Matan Zrachia. Photos: Amihai Zlotnik. Special thanks to Yael Zucker, Zion Gil, Elian Valaji and Clipa Theatre.

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