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Mister Globes

By Anat Michaelis-Levy (drawings) and Gabrielle Neuhaus (performance).

Took place at the Helena Rubinstein Pavilion for Contemporary Art, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, 2007.

Globes is Israel's leading business centric newspaper, published on week nights on pink-hued paper, usually depicting the nation's powerful and wealthy men.

We ask: why most of the images are of men? what are the connections between government and wealth, and between wealth and art?
Who makes the big decisions? Where are the power centers? Why isn't there an exchange in the key roles of the art world in Israel?

A woman sits by a sewing machine, sewing images cut out from the Globes newspaper in a pink, Globes-paper-colored-like thread.
All the images are of strong, wealthy, powerful and ruling men, photographed in an angle which puts the viewer in a position of weakness.

The woman partly covers the images with drawings, marking them with a meandering seam.

The Globes paper undergoes a surgical operation, symbolizing the individual's attempt to make their voice heard.

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